One Honest Answer: The Jaguars

At long last, the kickoff of our “One Honest Answer” entries …

We’ve searched for the one question we’d ask one person connected to each of our teams when we’re guaranteed an honest answer.

For the Jaguars, my initial thought was to ask owner Wayne Weaver what he saw in James “Shack” Harris as the vice president of player personnel and the draft-day decision-maker Weaver stuck with for six painful years.

But, I envision the honest answer as a bland one about faith and patience and loyalty, and I prefer a spin put on the theme by reader eighty6angels:

"To Gene Smith- Out of all of Shacks first round picks how many were you on board with."

Gene Smith was promoted to general manager and senior vice president of player personnel after Harris was ousted following the 2008 season.

A guaranteed honest answer from Smith on this question would be fascinating. He was director of college scouting under Harris.

As we have just three drafts to judge Smith on so far, it would very interesting to know what kind of stance he had on Harris’ string of failed first-round decisions:

If Smith was against a good share of those picks, it bodes well. If he endorsed a good share of them, it’s not. From what we've seen of what he values as GM, I’d be surprised if Smith was a big backer of Williams, Jones or Nelson on character and personality questions alone.

Those may have been some frustrating years for him.

What do you say, Gene? Want to lead the charge on transforming “One Honest Answer” from a fun exercise into an annual reality?


A few other good suggestions:

From mewziik: To Gene Smith: Where does Blaine Gabbert rank amongst all the first-round quarterbacks to come out of the draft recently (i.e., Bradford, Ryan, Stafford, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Flacco, etc.) on your board only in terms of where they were projected coming out of college, not their accomplishments now?

From ragnasty26: To Wayne Weaver: What happened during your meeting with JDR to soften your stance on "playoffs or fired?"