Williamson: Jags set up better for 2012

In a recent edition of ESPN’s Football Today Podcast, Ross Tucker and Matt Williamson talked about what teams might be better off in 2012 than 2011. (Thanks to Mike Sando for pointing us in this direction.)

No one’s writing off 2011 because of how crazy things can be, with playoff dark horse’s emerging with such regularity.

But surely there are some teams building in a way that makes it appear they are better set for two years out than this coming season.

Head for the 23:00 mark of the podcast for the conversation.

Tucker took the 49ers, Williamson said Jacksonville.

“The one that really jumps out at me is Jacksonville,” Williamson said. “…They moved up and got a quarterback, although they kind of had one. All their picks were small-school guys, developmental players. I think they’re really starting young, ‘Let’s win when [Blaine] Gabbert’s ready.’”

That fits with owner Wayne Weaver backing off of his initial postseason assessment of 2011, when he pretty much issued a playoffs-or-else decree for Jack Del Rio.

The owner later softened his stance to a line of thinking where if the team shows improvement Del Rio could be around for 2012, currently the last year of his contract.