Titans terrible in one man's ratings

Adam Schein’s franchise ratings list is a good conversation starter. I imagine the conversations in Jacksonville and Nashville will be laced with complaints.

Schein uses six categories and a scale of 1-10 to come to his conclusions.

The Colts rank sixth with 51.5 points, the Texans 18th (35.5), the Jaguars 27th (22.5) and the Titans 30th (17.5).

A look at some specifics on each:

Indianapolis got three 10s (quarterback, front office, intangibles) and a 9.5 (owner). But the 6s for Jim Caldwell and his staff held the team out of the top five. I don’t have any major arguments here. I thought a 6 for Caldwell might be high, but then saw it’s the same mark as Pete Carroll and rookie Jim Harbaugh. He lines up with his staff in a way we don't see in the rest of the division. The Colts are just behind Philadelphia and just ahead of the New York Giants.

Houston got the lowest mark for a head coach with a 2 for Gary Kubiak. The gap between that and a coaching staff 6 seems odd. I‘m puzzled how a team lacking an identity -- and in many cases, fortitude -- scores a 7 in intangibles. I am completely comfortable saying the Texans have the worst intangibles in the division and could contend with anyone in the league. And an 8 for owner Bob McNair is too high. His convoluted logic in sorting out praise from fellow owners for an overtime loss to Baltimore took a lot of shine off for me.

Jacksonville scored a 2 for owner Wayne Weaver. I’m unclear what Weaver’s done outside of owning a small-market team, to fare quite this poorly. He deserves blame for sticking so long with personnel chief Shack Harris and for being wishy-washy on Jack Del Rio. But he’s spent money (did people expect Aaron Kampman?) and hasn't meddled with GM Gene Smith. The staff is better than the boss, I believe. The ratings say otherwise, though the write-up seems to agree with me. A 2 in intangibles for a team being built with Smith’s patient, smart blueprint seems small, too.

Tennessee is going through a lot of turnover. I’m not sure the Titans are the third-worst franchise in the league, however. Owner Bud Adams gets a 1. He’s eccentric and can do dumb stuff (like flipping the bird to the Bills). But he left Jeff Fisher, who's well respected around the league, alone to do his thing for a long time, and outside of the Vince Young pick, he has stayed out of things. The front office deserves better than a 4. And I wonder again about the gap between the head coach (a 3 for Mike Munchak) and the staff he’s assembled (a 5.5).