'Minicamp' time for Texans, Titans

It’s minicamp time for the Texans and Titans, who will hold player-organized workouts this week.

The Texans will go for three days, the Titans for two.

Cortland Finnegan announced on Twitter that Tennessee’s first workout will be open to the public. [UPDATE: He's since apologized and said it won't be open. He hadn't cleared it with the school where it will take place.]

It’s good to get as many guys together as possible for some work, but I’m not sold that these workouts will wind up being difference-makers for most teams when actual football rolls around.

Finnegan has spearheaded the Titans’ offseason efforts, and rookie quarterback Jake Locker recently arrived in Nashville to join in. The Texans, as an offense and a defense, have had regular sessions.

A team led by a veteran quarterback like Houston clearly has an advantage at this stage. We don’t know what brand of leadership Locker can offer at this point, not having worked with Titans coaches. The other quarterback, Rusty Smith, will be the No. 3 at best in the fall.

Meanwhile, Matt Schaub can teach the offense as needed, discuss its intricacies with teammates and work on points of emphasis as they work. He’s dealing with an experienced group that will look to him to set expectations and tone.

The biggest wish for both teams as they get into work on a larger scale: no substantial injuries, which would create all sorts of issues.