Big finishes for two-minute offense, Britt

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans got big finishes on their final day of camp.

First the offense executed two two-minute drives effectively. Then rookie receiver Kenny Britt finished his leg in the team's annual dizzy bat race with an impressive flourish, especially considering he must have been at least a bit tipsy -- a cartwheel into a back handspring.

On offense Kerry Collins and the first-team offense were in need of a field goal and took over with 55 seconds on the clock and a timeout in hand. The quarterback moved the offense into range with a diet of passes to tight ends, throwing twice to Bo Scaife and once to Alge Crumpler and Jared Cook.

The second team offense needed a touchdown and got the ball with 1:30 left and a timeout. Vince Young hit LenDale White over the middle, Craig Stevens on the right and Paul Williams on the left. Then, after Young fielded a high snap by Fernando Velasco, Dominique Edison went up the ladder on the right sideline and pulled in a pass Cary Williams seemed in good position to defend. The next two passes went to Lavelle Hawkins, a short ball he took out of bounds and a touchdown to him slanting across the middle of the end zone from 15 or 20 yards out that beat Donnie Nickey.

Jeff Fisher emphasized that the drill in the unpadded practice was favorable to the offense because it lacked full speed rush situations but was please to see so many plays made.

Said left tackle Michael Roos "We did pretty well at it last year and it's one of the things coach Fisher always harps on from the defensive standpoint getting off the field and on offense making sure you win the drive. If you get a penalty or a sack statistics show you lose that drive. You've got to be sharp, you've got to be focused and know what to do."

"Usually it's not that complicated of a route scheme or protections. It's knowing who you've got and what you have to do and being able to do it in a split second."

As for Britt's big finish, Fisher described it thusly: “That was a back flip and a round off half spring thing that you can't do after touchdowns because you can't use the ground as a prop. That was impressive.”

Britt's next move wasn't nearly as stylish.

He tried to drag rookie cornerback Ryan Mouton, out with a high left ankle sprain and in a walking boot, to be spun by teammates and doused with all kinds of stuff from the team's kitchen. They were both saved from potential tragedy by the horn that ended camp.