Foster, CJ lead RBs in broken tackles

By Football Outsiders' count, no two backs in the league had more broken tackles in 2010 than Houston's Arian Foster and Tennessee's Chris Johnson.

Foster broke 45 tackles, the most for a running back and a broken tackle on 11.5 percent of his touches. Johnson broke 41 tackles, affecting 11.4 percent of his touches.

Jacksonville's Maurice Jones-Drew ranked 14th with 30 (nine percent).

It's not surprising that three of the best backs in the league rank so high, though I might have expected the bruising MJD to rank a little closer to the top based on his ability to bowl people over and chug through them. He dropped from 52 broken tackles in 2009 to 30.

Jones-Drew also got to face a lot of the NFL's worst tacklers by playing against the Titans twice and Texans once. (He missed the second Houston game.)

These numbers, as Aaron Schatz explains in the piece, are subjective. But they do give us something to compare and discuss.

Among receivers and tight ends, Indianapolis' Pierre Garcon had the second-highest total of broken tackles with 12, or on 17.4 percent of his touches.

Team wise, Jacksonville ranked highest in the AFC South (third) with a broken tackle on 7.1 percent of it's offensive plays. The Titans are 15th, the Texans 19th and the Colts 27th.