How long does Peyton Manning have left?

Pre-draft, there was a lot of talk about the Colts possibly drafting their quarterback of the future.

I argued it was too soon, and still believe it would have been.

The Colts indicated there was one or two they liked and didn’t get a crack at.

With Peyton Manning in line for a five- or six-year contract, I think even next year is too soon to draft a quarterback to develop, because odds are he’d be in line to accept a contract elsewhere before Manning is done.

Dan Pompeii spoke with Bill Polian about it for this piece.

Manning’s window is certainly shrinking. The Colts certainly know the value of doing all they can to maximize their chances at having a good quarterback after he’s finished. But as Polian says, then won’t find another Manning.

My feeling is they should use all their resources to surround him with quality people -- as they did by drafting tackles Anthony Castonzo and Ben Ijalana in April -- and depth rather than worry about long-range succession plans, at least not yet.

Am I expecting Manning to last too long? Let me know with your votes in our poll.