Did Kenny Britt's dog eat his homework?

What’s left to say about Kenny Britt?

I emptied myself out in this post after his most recent involvement with police.

Now he’s extended his troubles to social media -- with a silly status update on Facebook about retiring that bad-mouthed Roger Goodell, another backing down and then a retraction with the new age dog-ate-my-homework excuse that someone hacked his account.

John Glennon recounts the alleged status updates here.

If Britt did this, his ignorance about how it could take off is yet another line on the long list of his poor judgments and foolishness.

Hacked is hard to believe. Could one of his buddies been messing with him? Possible, I guess.

But if someone other than Britt wrote the first line, wouldn’t it be silly the impostor also wrote the second line which backed down? Britt ultimately indicated in the third status update that both were written by the hacker.

It’s a silly, stupid, victimless thing -- unless you count Britt as his own victim since he put himself in the news again.