RTC: Super late edition

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Reading the coverage...

I'm such an attention-getter that NFC West blogger Mike Sando dedicates a post on the final Power Rankings to me. Love you back, Mike, though you shouldn't have clipped the one quote of its E Street Band element. (Dwight Freeney is accounted for in this entry.)

Houston Texans

The Texans had 34 players turn out for a player-organized minicamp, says John McClain. James Casey has added 10 pounds in case Vonta Leach moves on as a free agent and the Texans need Casey to play fullback. I don’t like that scenario at all.

Indianapolis Colts

Considering the potential cost of some safety options, with Brett Mock.

Jacksonville Jaguars

“The deal reached with the players likely won’t be incredibly favorable to the franchise -- or to any other small-market team -- but they needed something better than the previous deal.” John Oehser’s O-Zone.

Tennessee Titans

The lockout allowed Alterraun Verner to get his degree. (Video.) Hat tip to Music City Miracles.