RTC: Vince Young won't replace Collins

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Houston Texans

GM Rick Smith wrote the Monday Morning Quarterback column in Sports Illustrated this week, and he talks about how the Texans have handled the lockout and how this offseason has been "more interesting and challenging than any other I've been a part of in my six years as general manager of the Texans and my 16 years overall in the NFL."

Matt Schaub thinks Raiders corner Nnamdi Asomugha would fit right in with the Texans: "I totally think it would be a great fit for him. ... Him and [Texans wide receiver] Andre [Johnson] have a good relationship so I definitely see it as a great fit for him with this new scheme that we’re bringing in and what Wade [Phillips] is going to be able to do and especially the teams that we play."

Indianapolis Colts

Since Peyton Manning has not had access to the Colts' trainers, he's been "extra cautious" with his rehab from neck surgery. Manning: "When you find a good trainer and a good rehab guy that you like, it's a pretty special bond. These guys kind of know your body. So the fact that I haven't had access to my guys and I've been somewhat on my own, I've been extra cautious and extra slow and making sure we don't have any setbacks."

Jacksonville Jaguars

The lockout has slowed down season-ticket sales, which could mean more television blackouts in Jacksonville.

Don Carey was a surprise participant in a youth football camp hosted by the Jets' David Harris in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Tennessee Titans

Kerry Collins' redemption as a person may surpass his considerable accomplishments on the field, writes CBSSports.com's Len Pasquarelli.

The Titans won't consider Vince Young as Kerry Collins' replacement, writes the Tennessean's David Climer.

Although veterans may not miss playing a full preseason schedule, preseason games provide valuable opportunities for rookies and fringe players and are profitable for teams as well.