Quick catch-up on division developments

Some thoughts on developments around the division while I was away…

Houston Texans

The team promoted Mike Maccagnan to director of college scouting and named Dale Strahm a national college scout. Previously, Strahm was director of college scouting. He’s quite a bit older than Strahm and it appears this move is a changing of the guard at the top of Houston’s college scouting flow chart. Like most people in posts like his, Maccagnan will work in the background for a large part of the year and we won’t see his work come to fruition until next spring.

Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning won’t be ready for the start of camp and could miss significant time following his May neck surgery. Being without its top player for a significant chunk of camp after a lockout will surely be a setback for the team. And it’ll make for an incredibly boring preseason when we see Curtis Painter and whoever the team brings in as a stopgap get the work. Remember Jared Lorenzen and Quinn Gray in the summer of 2008? It will be a challenge to get good work for guys on offense without Manning in place.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jack Del Rio put Blaine Gabbert’s learning curve into perspective on the radio with Pete Prisco. Talking about Gabbert having a playbook, JDR said: “I mean I guess I could give you a book of Chinese and a translation book of Chinese and then see how you are in a month and if you can speak Chinese or not. That’s what I equate it to.” That’s some good stuff there that we should keep in mind as we look for a quick impact from Gabbert.

Tennessee Titans

Of course Randy Moss’ agent is going to boast about Moss’ fitness. It would be news if he wasn’t in shape. It’s way less significant that he is in great shape. We can daydream about how Mike Munchak and Chris Palmer would use Moss more effectively than Jeff Fisher and Mike Heimerdinger did. But I don’t think there is any way the Titans, who talked of releasing Moss last year, bring him back no matter the regime change.