Fisher on Vince Young: 'I was there for him'

Vince Young's soon to be officially an ex-Titan. Jeff Fisher’s already been divorced from the team for some time.

Still, their relationship and who’s at fault for it crumbling, is a topic that can bring about hearty discussion.

Recently on Rich Eisen’s podcast, when hit with the idea that he never wanted or liked Young, Fisher defended himself as vigorously as I can remember.

Fisher: "If that’s coming with him then there is a misunderstanding. Because he’ll forget all the things that I did for him over the years."

Eisen: "Like what?"

Fisher: "Like trying to teach him how to be a pro, trying to teach him how to be on time. [I was] very supportive of him during the hard times, helped him work through a lot of issues off the field. I mean that one incident was obviously the biggest incident where we had the situation with the potential threat and the gun and you know the six hours waiting [when we] could not find him and all those things [Not wanting or supporting him,] that’s not true. I was there. You can talk to any of his teammates, I was there for him."

I’ve long been on record as saying that for too long, Fisher did too much to protect Young.

The coach often worked too hard to protect players who, if fully exposed, would have looked bad. He always thought public pressure from such situations would not be beneficial. I believe at a certain point if a player can’t stand up to it, it helps a team decide whether that player has what it takes to cut it in the NFL.

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Philadelphia and Miami have done due diligence on Young while considering backup quarterback options during the lockout.

Also in this podcast: A bit more on Fisher’s upcoming role with the league office. Look for him to be an advocate for coaches with the NFL’s officiating department.