RTC: Titans need to deal with VY by Friday

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Houston Texans

It’s time for the Texans to become one of the big boys in the NFL, and signing Nnamdi Asomugha would do just that, says Jerome Solomon. I think they should pursue the cornerback hard, but I am wary of the team and the town thinking that if he goes to Houston, the Texans have made it.

Less contact is a good thing as far as Richard Justice is concerned.

Indianapolis Colts

Finally we can think about action on the field again, writes Bob Kravitz. A very interesting point here: Kravitz says the Colts win with the limit on bonuses for undrafted rookies. Even more will head to Indy, where they know they will have a big chance to make it.

As I wrote last night, Peyton Manning’s deal can’t break the bank, according to Jim Irsay. Here’s Mike Chappell’s story on it.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars will be looking to add about 30 players, says Tania Ganguli. Only two of their seven unrestricted free agents still have name plates in the locker room: Kirk Morrison and Adam Podlesh.

Jacksonville’s got about $35 million to spend, says Ganguli.

It’s go time for the team’s ticket campaign, says Vito Stellino.

Jack Del Rio has concerns about his players’ conditioning, says Ganguli.

Tennessee Titans

Amid the frenzy, the Titans will have to move Vince Young by Friday to avoid his roster bonus, says Jim Wyatt.

Jake Locker is in Nashville and ready to go, says Wyatt.

Player workouts at Father Ryan High School are finally over as they return to the Titans’ facility today, says John Glennon.

The Titans made some front-office moves, says Glennon. Highly respected, long-time scout C.O. Brocato has shifted to a consultant role.