Why Caldwell flipped Turner and Reich

For months I’ve wanted to ask Jim Caldwell about the staff shuffle that prompted him to flip-flop Frank Reich (from quarterbacks to receivers) and Ron Turner (from wide receivers to quarterbacks).

Caldwell addressed it today at his pre-camp news conference.

“We made an adjustment with Ron going to quarterbacks and Frank going to wide receivers,” he said. “With that, my job is to look at the overall staff to see where things can be more efficient. That was a position in which both guys had been skill guys for the most part. But I also had to look at how we operate overall, and I thought we’d be more efficient making the switch there."

So it’s about efficiency.

Hopefully during camp, when we’ll be able to ask Turner and Reich and quarterbacks and wide receivers about it, we’ll be able to put just a little more meat on that bone.