Titans claim some high ground from CJ

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Titans played the Chris Johnson question smartly at a Friday evening news conference.

Sure we’ll talk new deal with him, general manager Mike Reinfeldt said. We just ask that he report to work first.

Johnson, due to make $800,000 this season, is unlikely to go for that.

So we will likely see the team say, "come in and then we’ll talk." While the player says, "let’s talk and then I will come in."

Round and round we go and where she stops, nobody knows.

But on the day Titans players reported and the eve of the first practice under new coach Mike Munchak, it did well to quell the big story.

Johnson has far more of the public on his side now, considering DeAngelo Williams just got $21 million guaranteed from the Carolina Panthers. The Titans did say, after shuffling money around to give Johnson more sooner in 2010, that they would talk contract before this camp.

But Reinfeldt claimed some moral high ground for the franchise.

Asked why it’s important the process unfold the way he outlined, he said: "He is under contract. He should be here. It's the right way to do it."

Commence the next debate in what I suspect will be an endless round.