Jaguars 'Oklahoma drill' preview

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Right tackle Eben Britton and end Austen Lane scrapped last year in camp and fought again Saturday night.

That’s just the scenario the team is looking for when pairing players in the annual Oklahoma drill, which will unfold at the EverBank Field practice fields this evening.

The drill is basically a one-on-one battle in a tight alley, as the offensive lineman looks to hold off the defensive lineman and create room for a running back to get by.

The media are involved in helping select match-ups.

My request wasn’t for a specific match-up, but for an impartial coach to serve as judge, declaring a winner or a tie, as it’s not always as easy to judge as you might think. Whether we get such verdicts remains to be seen.

“Here’s the thing, sometimes it’s a tie when you’re seeing it from the stands,” Lane said. “But if you’re in it, you’re going to know if you won or not. Definitely, you are going to know.”

The remainder of the match-ups: