Returning Addai remains valuable piece

Joseph Addai expected and prepared for the worst.

“I always think the worst, no matter what, so what happened, I’m not surprised,” he told the Colts press corps Friday. “The reality is, I felt like I would be somewhere. But I was having to think the worst so I could prepare myself.”

That means as an unrestricted free agent, he figured his days taking handoffs and catching passes from, and throwing blocks for, Peyton Manning were over.

But in the end it came out like many of us who were more optimistic expected.

Addai is a unique fit for the Colts, his skill set it more valuable to them than it would be anywhere else, and with Donald Brown no sure thing, Addai is more a necessity than a luxury.

Said Colts head coach Jim Caldwell:

“He’s a superb competitor and one that I think without question has an impact on our team because he knows his craft to a T. He is an expert at it. He understands his blocking assignments, he understands his routes and he understands the system extremely well. He is one of those guys that is a real student of the game. He studies it, he executes extremely well, so to have him back and setting a tone for that position is really good for our team. We have some other guys that have certainly been around, but not as long as Joseph. Joseph is very, very good at what he does. Joseph never complains about anything. He is a great team guy. He has great focus and just tremendous desire. He is a difference-maker.”

It’s early to make predictions, of course. But I expect Addai to remain a huge part of the Colts' offense. And I think he’ll have a chance to stay healthy because rookie Delone Carter should cut into his time by taking on short-yardage and goal line responsibilities provided the line proves capable of giving him a crease.