Undrafted installation: First time vs. sixth

The plight of undrafted rookies was a big lockout storyline.

I maintained that good players will still be spotted by good evaluators and that things won’t really change that much.

But Colts coach Jim Caldwell talked about it today with Indianapolis press and convinced me to revise my stance a touch: good, smart players will still be spotted by good evaluators.

Guys who need a lot of repetition will suffer. But they can still get more looks later and stick if they are worthy.

“Typically by now they would have had an opportunity to hear our system installed six times. This is first time around. So there’s a huge difference just from a knowledge standpoint and comfort level. So they’re going to have to learn fast and get comfortable quickly.

“Unfortunately there were some of them that actually were at positions where a number of veterans were at [who were] out last week, so they got a lot of reps, a lot of good reps. Yes, it’s totally different for them. It’s going to be a real steep learning curve, but we are going to have to get it done.”

He’s right -- coaches are still going to have to get it done. If Bill and Chris Polian gave Caldwell and his staff a guy they rated as a top undrafted prospect, the coaches will have to help him climb that steep learning curve and project, quickly, if he is an asset who needs to stay.