Tick-tock: Reggie Wayne talks time

ANDERSON, Ind. -- Some people think the clock is ticking on Reggie Wayne. He had a few more drops last year, but considering the coverages he saw based on the lack of other threats, he had a remarkable season in 2010.

He’ll be every bit a featured guy this fall as the team considers a new contract for him going forward.

Today he talked about a different ticking clock, the bright red one on his wrist.

He’s a watch guy, and would wear one on game days if it was allowed.

He’s always got one on at practice.

“At practice I wear a watch,” he said. “I’m not policing the practice or anything. I don’t mind work. But when they ask me what time it is, I tell them it’s time to go deep.”

Wayne was in a great mood and the watch conversation was a clever one, with several of us taking turns trying to get him to reveal a bit more about why he wears one and how many he’s got and what they’re worth, as if the next nugget would really expose something about him.

It didn’t, I don’t think. But it was fun. So I'll share though some of you will ask why I did.

Why does he wear it?

“Make sure I’m right on time before I run right by you. If I run that nine route for a touchdown, I want to make sure I know what time it is. I want to make sure it’ll be right on time, right on schedule, that’s what it’s about.”

Does he wear it in games?

“No, as much as I want it, I don’t want Mr. Goodell to give me a little letter. But if I could, I would. Always in practice. A lot of players ask me what time it is. I’m like Father Time.

The late punter Reggie Roby was big on wearing a watch.

“That’s what I’ve heard. I heard he was a big watch guy, maybe it’s something with the Reggies, I don’t know.”

How many does he have, does he rotate them?

“I normally rotate them, but this camp there is something about this red watch that’s been standing out. I keep it going, I’m having a good camp so if it’s not broke don’t fix it.”

“I’ve got about four or five watches, they’re all nice and colorful.”

Then you’ve got different ones for when you are dressed up?

“Oh definitely, I can’t wear a practice watch with a nice suit. It don’t roll that way.”

How much money have you spent on watches?

“Let’s not talk about that … Let’s just say for every dress watch I have, I probably can buy 30 pair of shoes.”

OK, thank you for playing along. I’ll try to dig back into my stuff and give you some football.