Johnson expects Texans' D to wreak havoc

Everyone is optimistic right now. Early training camp is usually upbeat, and this season it’s still got some of the feel of OTAs, when everything is absolutely wonderful, to it.

So it’s no surprise when people say good things about their teams. Like Andre Johnson's recent review of the Texans on KILT in Houston. Sports Radio Interviews transcribed some if it.

“I think that we’re a lot better football team than we were last year at this point,” Johnson said. “Guys are working and guys know where we want to be. Every team has that one goal at the beginning of the season and that’s winning the Super Bowl. That’s our goal, we’re gonna work towards it and we’re gonna try and do everything we can to accomplish it.”

He was also asked about the defensive improvement with four new key players.

“I think our defense will be a lot better. Last year we were young at the back end as far as secondary-wise. Now the guys have the experience. Brought Johnathan (Joseph) and Danieal (Manning) in and I think even with bringing in J.J. (Watt) and Brooks Reed and all those guys I think that’s gonna help get pressure on the quarterback and it’s gonna make the work for the back-end much easier. I’m excited and ready to see them on the field and watch them wreak havoc.”

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