Now allowed with Titans: Narrow roles

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Chris Palmer likes Javon Ringer so much, that even when Chris Johnson is back the Titans' offensive coordinator wants to find touches for his No. 2 back.

(Yes, Palmer said when, not if.)

Lots of coaches like to talk about getting certain players touches. But that often fizzles out when the time comes to pull a premier player to get a secondary one involved.

Jeff Fisher was not generally big on role players. Sure he had nickel and dime guys, situational pass rushers, third receivers. But overall he was big on guys he saw as dependable in any situation and he’d stick with them.

Both Mike Munchak and Palmer talked Wednesday of their willingness to use guys in narrow, specific roles.

“Ringer has exceeded my expectations, I am very, very pleased with him,” Palmer said. “We’re going to have to find some plays for him when Chris gets back in here, because he’s done so well…”

“We’ll have guys on the team that are dressed for Sunday that will have special plays in for them and we’ll try to take advantage of their skills. Ringer has deserved a chance to get some snaps and show us what he can do and we have a role for him with our team on Sunday.”

I like the sound of it. Getting Marc Mariani some snaps at wide receiver, particularly if they come at the expense of Justin Gage, is a great idea. Ringer sounds like he can give CJ an occasional break.

But picking the spots where you basically take the ball away from Johnson is a delicate job and Palmer will have to mix determination and flexibility in order to get it done.