Fine for Jaguars' Lockley simply ridiculous

The NFL does not need to set up its fine schedule using salary percentages.

But it does need to use a lot more common sense.

PFT raised a great point Wednesday: It simply makes no sense that Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh and Jacksonville undrafted rookie/camp body Mike Lockley both got fined $20,000 for bad hits in recent preseason games.

Suh is filthy rich -- dues for $60 million over five years; Lockley is not, and is not on track to be -- he will make $370,000 this season if he makes the team. (Tania Ganguli reports Lockley will appeal.)

You don’t need to be a mathemagician to mete out fines that take those numbers into account. Shouldn't the punishments be similar? Making the fines the same amounts does not automatically make them similar.

PFT says Lockley won’t be on the hook for the fine if he doesn’t make the team. The league confirmed that -- such a fine is collected out of a regular season salary. If Lockley has one, with the Jaguars or another team, it will be deducted. If he's not getting a salary, the NFL has nothing to take the fine from.

So he's got that going for him, which is nice.

But this shouldn’t be a subject of conversation. The league’s powers who do the fining are smarter than this.

Aren’t they?