Jake Scott opposed to Britt discipline

Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt will meet in New York with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday to discuss the trouble Britt got into away from football during the NFL lockout.

BrittBrittWhile Adam Schefter reported that “lengthy” suspensions could be coming for Britt and Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib, the players association has said players should come out of the lockout with a clean slate.

The Titans' union representative, guard Jake Scott, said the players association would challenge any fine and/or suspension passed down from Goodell’s office.

“I’m still a big believer that the league should have any authority to discipline guys for things that … happened while there was no CBA,” he said. “There was a separation agreement issued from the teams to the players, which means what it means: It means, ‘We don’t want anything to do with you.’

“To me, nothing means nothing.”

But Scott wouldn’t have any issue with Goodell putting Britt on notice going forward.

“Roger is probably right to say, ‘Hey, I’m watching you going forward,’” Scott said. “He’d be well within his right to say that and it would probably be a good thing for him to do.”

That sounds right to me. If Goodell passes out fines or suspensions to Britt and Talib, he’ll face long-lasting legal challenges. I'm generally OK with the personal conduct policy. But don’t know if it’s worth the fight in this instance after finally achieving peace between management and players.

Goodell maintains control of the policy under the new CBA, but the players didn't agree to anything governing behavior during the time they were locked out.

Britt said after the Titans’ final practice of training camp that he is hopeful he won’t be disciplined and that he intends to stand up to the mistakes he made.

“We’ll have a sit down, talk over what happened, see where our minds are at, see where I am at and see what happens from there,” Britt said. “…I’m being hopeful that nothing happens to me. I plan on being real.

“I was brought up to be a man of his word, a man who takes up for his actions and things like that. That’s how my father raised me up and that’s how I will go in there tomorrow.”

  • Mike Munchak surprised the Titans after Monday's practice by holding a rookie relay race and announcing camp would conclude a day early. Player will get a bonus off day tomorrow before returning to practice Wednesday.