Titans should make CJ an offer Wednesday

What’s changed? We don’t know.

Who initiated this? We don’t know that, either.

Chris Johnson tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he and agent Joel Segal will be in Nashville Wednesday morning to meet with Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt.

It does not mean someone budged from stalemate positions where the Titans are willing to make Johnson the NFL’s highest-paid running back. Johnson wants to be considered as more of a playmaker and feels he's worth even more.

There are a lot of unanswered questions, and we may never know how this has come about.

It’s early -- yes, I said early, with opening day still almost three weeks away -- for either side to have made a major concession, I think.

More likely, someone checked in and the two sides agreed that a face-to-face, cards-on-the-table meeting was in order. With things going nowhere, it would be hard for such a meeting to make things worse. And it could make them better.

Reinfeldt told Tennessean writer Jim Wyatt recently that the sides were so far apart on parameters that it wasn’t even worth it to make an offer.

He should make one tomorrow anyway.

If Johnson has to walk out of the room passing on a check for $26 million or $28 million or $30 million, it’s a whole different deal than standing his ground from a distance.

(Here is one idea for a starting point.)

And although public pressure isn’t going to be the ultimate determining factor, a good share of fans and media who think Johnson deserves big dollars will move to the Titans’ side of things if Johnson actually walks away from such an offer.