Entire division is older on offense*

Every team in the AFC South is currently older on offense than it is on defense.

Mike Sando’s got a very nice chart up that counts teams from oldest (1) to youngest (32) and also categorizes them by offense and defense. These are off rosters he maintains and he’s extracted specialists, so that ancient punter (Hello Matt Turk) or kid kicker doesn’t influence things.

The Titans, Colts, Texans and Jaguars are tightly bunched overall from 19th to 26th overall.

But only Tennessee has a slight margin between offense and defense (two spots).

Indianapolis is 17 spots older on offense, Jacksonville is 19 spots older and Houston is 22 spots older.


Well, I’d be inclined to say the Jaguars and Texans have gotten younger as they’ve looked for help to slow the Colts’ O and Peyton Manning. But Jacksonville just added five defensive veterans in Paul Posluszny, Clint Session, Dawan Landry, Drew Coleman and Matt Roth. Those guys didn't make them younger.

The back end of defensive rosters seem more likely to be loaded with kids. (The division has 11 offensive draft picks and 16 defensive draft picks.) While a rookie defensive linemen in a rotation is common, people typically like to have some experienced backups on the offensive line.

And once you develop a quarterback or playmakers you tend to hold on to him, or if you find one an outsider he is, by nature, older (see Matt Hasselbeck).

But let’s not draw too many conclusions until we see another breakdown from Sando after rosters are boiled down to 53. Those numbers will be far more telling.

*Note: We originally misinterpreted the chart referenced in this post and wrote that the division's defenses were older.