Manning's stance on HIPAA: For it

A couple points here on Peyton Manning's conversation with the local media:

  • I never thought for a second he'd do anything ceremonial to prolong his streak, and he reiterated he'll "have to be able to competitively play" to be in the lineup at Houston on Sept. 11.

  • He asked reporters, semi-jokingly, not to ask offensive linemen and receivers about his status because it annoys them and they then get mad at him. I'm sure the press would make that deal if Manning would speak more frequently and they could ask him instead. But he's a major topic, and if he isn't addressing it, he's actually the one putting others in the unenviable position of being asked about it.

  • Classic, classic line from Manning: "I don't know what HIPAA stands for, but I believe in it and I practice it."