Rave review: Bill Polian on Wade Phillips

Colts vice chairman Bill Polian has a way of giving honest assessments of outsiders without giving them any bulletin board material if he doesn't have good things to say.

When his review is complimentary, it can be more like scrap book material.

He’s run a team that’s dealt with the Texans as a division rival since their inception. And while the Colts have a 14-2 record against Houston, he talks of how they’re always a challenge, last year’s opening day 34-24 thrashing in mind.

When I visited with Polian during training camp, I asked him about Houston’s defense under new coordinator Wade Phillips.

“Wade Phillips is as good a defensive coordinator as ever there has been in the National Football League, just look at his record,” Polian said. “The 3-4, I’ll be anxious to see how he fits people in the right places, but this is part of his greatness.

“He is able to take a player who would not otherwise be a 3-4 player and get a lot out of him that you don’t think, and I don’t think, is a 3-4 plays in body-type, skill set. He can get a lot out of him.”

As for Mario Williams, who’s gone from defensive end to outside linebacker … we’d not yet seen him on the field, but Polian had little doubt about what the end result will look like.

“Wade will make him better,” Polian said. “Williams is a great 4-3 end and Wade will make him better.”