CJ spouts off over being called greedy

Chris Johnson is a pretty easygoing, fun-loving guy.

But complaints about his contract regarding his contract holdout today apparently got him to a breaking point.

That tweet from earlier today wasn’t real well received apparently, as 36 minutes later he followed up with this.

Setting aside the somewhat silly differentiation between “real” and “fake” fans, his initial points were valid, just not well-framed.

You can’t say to Johnson, "I’d never hold out if I was due to make over $1 million this season." Because your line of work will likely afford you an opportunity to grow your earnings as you get older, while he’s got a small window to maximize his salary.

He’s playing the negotiating game the way it’s played in the NFL by guys with contracts that are below market when measured against their production.

It’s a tired subject that we keep hitting on with every incremental comment or development.

He threw a big tree on the fire with the tweet, I understand.

But he can only care so much about what fans, “real” or “fake,” think as he makes business and career decisions.