Colts: What they play before they play

You see them in headphones, walking into the stadium, heading from the locker room to the field, as they stretch and run and get ready for kickoff.

Before the iPods are turned off and put away, what’s the last song the Titans listen to in order to get in the right frame of mind?

Build a playlist based on this if you dare:

Tight end Jacob Tamme: Black Eyed Peas, “I Got a Feeling”

“It’s got a nice little beat. And the lyrics, ‘Tonight’s gonna be a good night,’ there is nothing wrong with that type of thinking before you hit the field.”

Linebacker Kavell Connor: Pastor Troy, “Vice Versa”

“It just gets me into a zone where I focus, where I am ready to go to battle, ready to go to war.”

Cornerback Jerraud Powers: Explosions in the Sky

“It sort of calms me down, helps me focus. But I’ve got the new Jay-Z and Kayne West, I’m pretty sure I will be bumping that too."

Kicker Adam Vinatieri: Incubus, "The Warmth"

"Great, great pregame song. Best all-time pregame song. Listen to the lyrics. The lyrics are fantastic. It starts off slow, there is a little bit of an upbeat to it. But the lyrics are where it's at. It gives you chills."

Cornerback Kevin Thomas: DMX, “Where My Dogs at”

“It just gets you in the mindset of getting rowdy, getting hyped and pretty much playing at full speed, reckless.”

Linebacker Gary Brackett: Marvin Sapp, “Never Would Have Made It”

“It’s an inspirational song. It’s an affirmation of why I am here.”

Running back Joseph Addai: Bob Marley, “No Woman, No Cry”

“I need to be able to relax to play. Dealing with Peyton [Manning], you’ve got to be able to relax. I need to calm my nerves, be ready for Peyton.”

Safety Antoine Bethea: 2Pac, “Dear Mama”

“It just gives me focus and let’s me know why I am out there. If it wasn’t for my mom, I wouldn’t be here. It’s just something that really mellow me down, doesn’t get me too hyped too early.”

Running back Delone Carter: Young Jeezy, “Handle my Business”

Offensive lineman Ben Ijalana: Lupe Fiasco, “Kick, Push”

“At my position, the calmer I find myself, the better I play.”

And the outliers who don't have one song or don't have a music routine:

Center Jeff Saturday: “I don’t really listen to music pregame. It used to be me, [Charlie Johnson] and Ryan Diem would listen to ‘Cult of Personality’ by Living Color. Chuck’s gone. He was the guy who played it. We’ll see who rises to the forefront with the music. I’ve been at this a long time, I don’t really need a lot of external motivators. I pretty much show up ready to get it done.”

Defensive end Dwight Freeney: “Every year is different, I find a different one. I’m a guy who doesn’t have one particular song. I kind of go out and shuffle through it. This song got me going today.”

Receiver Reggie Wayne: “My last song is just really hearing the crowd roar. I don’t really have a song to get me going. I like to hear that 12th man screaming, that’s when I know it’s time for battle.”

Left tackle Anthony Castonzo: “To tell you the truth, I don’t listen to any music on game day. I just close my eyes and picture things I just prefer silence. I just kind of go into my own brain and start to picture myself doing things properly.”

Quarterback Kerry Collins: He dabbles in writing country music songs and has friends in the business in Nashville, but said he doesn't listen to music as part of his pregame routine.