Power Rankings review and my ballot

Don’t put much into the preseason. We have to remind ourselves over and over not to factor what we’ve seen so far into what we anticipate when games start for real Thursday night.

I did not move anyone much in this week's ESPN.com NFL Power Rankings ballot. I am one of five voters and Mike Sando breaks down all five ballots here. Here is how the AFC South teams fared:

I dropped the Indianapolis Colts a bit because of the uncertainty surrounding Peyton Manning. It’s become clearer since voting that he’s not playing in the opener, so I might have dropped them a couple spots more. The Houston Texans against Kerry Collins will clarify things.

Houston and the Tennessee Titans got slight bumps from me for solid preseasons. The Jacksonville Jaguars dropped a slot for a poor showing and their failure to answer any of their big questions.

Other moves: The New York Giants dropped down because of defensive back questions; San Diego is up as I reassessed the AFC West; Washington moved up from last because its defense will offset the offense at times and makes the Redskins better than the Cincinnati Bengals and the Carolina Panthers at the outset.

Rip away. My mailbox is here, my ESPN Twitter here.

My ballot, with my vote in the previous poll in parentheses.

  1. Green Bay (1)

  2. New England (2)

  3. New Orleans (3)

  4. Pittsburgh (5)

  5. Philadelphia (4)

  6. NY Jets (7)

  7. Atlanta (9)

  8. Baltimore (8)

  9. Indianapolis (6)

  10. Tampa Bay (11)

  11. Houston (13)

  12. Detroit (12)

  13. NY Giants (10)

  14. San Diego (16)

  15. Dallas (14)

  16. St. Louis (15)

  17. Oakland (18)

  18. Jacksonville (17)

  19. Chicago (20)

  20. Kansas City (19)

  21. Arizona (21)

  22. Tennessee (24)

  23. Minnesota (23)

  24. San Francisco (22)

  25. Seattle (25)

  26. Miami (26)

  27. Cleveland (27)

  28. Denver (30)

  29. Buffalo (28)

  30. Washington (32)

  31. Carolina (29)

  32. Cincinnati (31)