Texans have to keep Grossman, don't they?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

The Texans are a patient team, and all indications from them have been they like Dan Orlovsky and believe he can develop into a solid system fit as Matt Schaub’s backup.


But because their starter has a tendency to miss games -- cheap shots at the root of the problem or not -- their backup spot is extra important.

It’s why they need to keep three quarterbacks. Early on if they’ve got to fill in for Schaub, it sure looks like Rex Grossman (passer rating in a meaningless game in Tampa: 139.8) would be better equipped to play than Orlovsky. Grossman was assertive and confident in what I saw of the Texans preseason finale, his first work after a hamstring injury suffered in the preseason opener.

Orlovsky, who appears clumsy at times, is still clearly sorting things out, breaking old habits and purging himself of the Detroit experience. (Passer rating in Tampa: 52.4.) It’s understandable that he needs more time.

While he gets it, Grossman’s got to be part of the plan, I think.

A few other thoughts on the Texans’ finale, a 27-20 win over the Bucs, as they prepare to make cuts:

  • Receiver Jacoby Jones had a big game and while they tried to light a fire with him by suggesting his roster spot was in jeopardy, I will be surprised if he’s cut.

  • Safety John Busing had an interception and was a playmaker all preseason. I consider safety a huge position of concern and don’t believe the Texans have enough guys better than Busing to let him go.

  • Is the turnover message still not getting through? Houston lost two fumbles and threw a pick against the Bucs. Silver lining: four take-aways.