What I think they're thinking...

What I think they are thinking in the four headquarters of AFC South teams…

Houston Texans

Sunday was fun, but it’s Monday and we’re correcting mistakes and turning our attention to Miami. This will be a week filled with accolades and hype and we need to not get caught up in all of that or we will put the great result against the Colts to waste. We’ll watch the Dolphins on TV tonight against New England and hope the Patriots can take a lot out of Miami before it starts a short week. Confidence is high and that’s healthy. We want to build on it and grow it.

Indianapolis Colts

That was a brutal start, but there is a lot of stuff we can clean up and get better at in short order. And while we respect the Browns, Cleveland should offer a different level of test than the Texans did. Protection is the No. 1 issue on offense. We’re certain if Kerry Collins gets more time he can make connections with his targets. Defensively, we’ve got to be better against the run and get ourselves into more pass rush situations.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Not the neatest win, but we’ll always be fine with ugly. It’s a confidence builder that in a week when so many expected the quarterback change would distract us, we showed good focus. Our best offensive player, Maurice Jones-Drew, want more carries, which is a good thing. Our defense was active and we got good play from our new guys. The Jets are a significant notch better than the Titans, and we need to match this effort in New York.

Tennessee Titans

Well, issues we thought were dead resurfaced. Time of possession simply can’t be that lopsided against us, it creates a game where we can’t get touches for Chris Johnson, our best player. Penalties were bad, particularly on special teams. As bad as things were, we had a chance at the end. We’ll have to be better at just about everything in order to have a chance to upset the Ravens on Sunday.