So what kind of mistake is not correctable?

It’s a topic that probably makes my top five in NFL things to rail against: The concept of “correctable mistakes.”

It’s just an enhanced way of saying “It’s not you, it’s me” and of failing to give an opponent credit for success against you. They didn’t sack your quarterback and strip him so much as you failed to make the block that allowed them to sack your quarterback and strip him.

It's not far from gibberish.

After Jim Caldwell used it as he evaluated the Colts’ terrible performance in Houston, I wondered via Twitter what kind of mistakes don’t qualify as correctable.

You gave some good answers, almost all comedic.

  • @18to88: Kerry Collins taking sacks is not correctable. It's who he is. Can't retrain a guy that old to release ball early.

  • @19gatsby88: mistakenly falling down an elevator shaft...

  • @jp23mc: Pulling Kerry Collins out of retirement?

  • @sean_wreg: Sean Wreggelsworth: the kind of mistakes that cannot physically be performed because of lack of talent or size.

  • @cspanndrum: lack of talent, speed, athleticism.

Every mistake made in a football game is correctable in some form or fashion. I don’t want to hear about it unless you're going to spell out the technique in a specific example. Caldwell’s met his quota for the year and will have to turn to something else after the next loss.

It’s a catchphrase that should not give Colts fans any comfort.