Andre Johnson: Calvin Johnson's best WR

Houston receiver Andre Johnson is widely regarded as the best receiver in football. He’s also the poster boy for the anti-diva wide receiver. He’s not showy or loud or arrogant. He doesn’t brag.

A guest on Dan LeBatard’s radio show on 790 The Ticket in Miami, Johnson showed all that off.

LeBatard: Are you the best wide receiver in football?

Johnson: “No. I’m not the best [laughs].

LeBatard: “Come on who is better?”

Johnson: “There’s a lot of great guys out there man. I’m a fan of the game. You look at ... I’m a big fan of Calvin. Calvin Johnson. Right now I would probably say he is the best.”

Dan LeBatard: “He's taller than you?”

Johnson: “He’s a pretty big guy. He’s a very talented guy. He’s my favorite guy from a fan perspective from the outside looking in.”

LeBatard: Are you a top-five wide receiver?

Johnson: “I’m somewhere in there.”

He’s somewhere in there all right. Somewhere right around No. 1.

Catch the whole interview here.