Hill mistaken to think Revis is overhyped

If I’m Darrelle Revis, I’ve got bulletin board material.

Because to hear Jason Hill -- a receiver who’s done very little to prove himself in the NFL -- tell it, Revis and the Jets are no different than anyone else in the league. They just have the biggest hype machine.

Newsflash: If Hill thinks Revis is a media creation, he’s really in for a surprise when he’s covered like a blanket Sunday at MetLife Stadium if Revis draws him.

Here’s what he said to Tania Ganguli:

"This is a league full of great players. I think sometimes they get overhyped. I talked to Drew [Coleman], Drew played there. He says it's just the aura of New York. They got a big media. That's not the Jacksonville paper, that's the big New York Times paper so they get more pub. That's what it is.

"It's a game that we all play. He been playing the game, Revis, just as long as I've been playing. This is a game full of good players making plays. He just made a lot more plays on TV than we've made being here in Jacksonville. He's a good player. We respect him. Hopefully he respects us because we're going to bring it just like they're going to bring it…"

"I think the whole New York is overhyped. Him personally, he's a good player, Pro Bowl player, I'm trying to make it to the Pro Bowl, too. This'll be a good game to put some notches on our belts too. It's the New York Times vs. the Jacksonville paper. New York Times they got a lot more viewers than you got.”

I guess it’s an admirable attitude in some respects. The Jaguars aren’t kowtowing to the Jets. But it’s also dismissive. Revis being a Pro Bowler and Hill wanting to be a Pro Bowler are far from the same thing, just like the newspapers he compared.

Hill probably could have, and should have, negotiated his theme a little more smoothly.

Revis and Antonio Cromartie would probably love a chance to cover Hill. Unfortunately for them, he's got a hip injury, hasn't even practiced this week and may not play.