After McCown disaster, time for Gabbert

Is it already time to change starting quarterbacks in Jacksonville?

I don’t know how Blaine Gabbert's been practicing.

But the odds that he could fare worse on a Sunday than Luke McCown did against the Jets on Sunday seem miniscule. And even if Gabbert plays poorly, a young quarterback is bound to take his lumps in the early stages of his career.

It’s something you endure for the long-term payoff. Why would you endure more of that brand of McCown?

ESPN Stats & Information looked closely at McCown’s performance, which produced a 0.4 QBR. That’s the new 0-100 metric that’s an all-encompassing quarterback rating that factors in all his work that has a bearing on the team.

  • The Jaguars had three points in 11 drives when McCown was on the field -- four punts, four interceptions, a safety, a field goal and the end of the first half.

  • Only three of his 19 pass attempts went for first downs.

  • He threw four interceptions, two when the game was within nine points.

  • He took a safety with Jaguars trailing by seven points.

That helped produce the 0.4 QBR, which means 99.6 percent of quarterback games are better than that one was. In fact, McCown’s score was the third-lowest QBR recorded by any quarterback in a single game (min. 20 plays) since 2008 -- a stretch of more than 1,500 qualifying games.

So where do the Jaguars go from here after pulling McCown for Gabbert against the Jets?

“My answer is we’ll discuss that as a staff,” coach Jack Del Rio said. “What I can tell you now is I made the decision in this ballgame to let Blaine [Gabbert] play and let him get a little experience. We’ll go from here.”

Jacksonville columnist Gene Frenette says it’s time for Gabbert.

Gabbert’s ultimately their guy. In Carolina, where the Jaguars play Sunday, rookie Cam Newton’s played great in his first two games.

I don’t see how Del Rio and his staff can talk themselves into a place where they view more McCown as the way to go.