What's worth over-reacting to ...

A lot of sports talk radio shows call it "Over-reaction Monday." It’s fitting, especially early in the season. Some thoughts on what we shouldn’t be over-reacting to, and what might be OK to say out loud.

Houston Texans

Don’t over-react: To the idea that the Texans are so good running the ball that they can just plug anyone into their backfield. Yes, the Texans are deep at the spot. When Arian Foster pulled out with a lingering or re-aggravated hamstring issue, Ben Tate went over 100 yards again. Tate’s hardly just anyone. He was a second-round pick in 2010.

Indianapolis Colts

Do over-react: To the idea that the Colts without Peyton Manning simply are not very good. I know Kerry Collins has been bad, but where is the better alternative? Curtis Painter hasn’t miraculously gotten good in a few weeks on the bench. It may just be the start of one of those years. Indianapolis hosts Kansas City in Week 5. With Pittsburgh at home and a trip to Tampa Bay first, the Colts could be waiting for the Chiefs for their best chance to break into the win column.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Don’t over-react: To the idea that David Garrard would have somehow had the Jaguars in a tighter game with the Jets. That Luke McCown was terrible against New York offers no positive commentary on Garrard. Coach Jack Del Rio and GM Gene Smith felt certain McCown was BETTER than Garrard at the end of the preseason. A week ago, McCown played well enough to win. That will be considered as the Jaguars decide whether to start McCown or Blaine Gabbert Sunday in Carolina.

Tennessee Titans

Don’t over-react: To the idea that Kenny Britt is one of the NFL’s top receivers. He’s been great through two weeks, and I understand how exciting it is to see the Titans with a big-time downfield receiver. He may be on the path that gets him to elite status. But I need to see some long-term consistency before I start grouping him with the likes of Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Roddy White and Larry Fitzgerald.