100-yard backs vs. 100-yard WRs so far

The proximity of Chris Johnson's early-season struggles (despite Ben Tate's break-out success), seemed to help fuel a sense around the AFC South blog that running backs are struggling while receivers are running wild so far.

Giant quarterback days have contributed to that for sure.

We’ve seen three 100-yard games from receivers (Kenny Britt twice, Reggie Wayne) and two 100-yard games from backs (Tate twice).

So I asked Mark Malzewski at ESPN Stats and Info to look in to the ratio of 100-yard rushing games to 100-yard receiving games to this point.

Here’s what Elias told him.

  • 2011: 13 100-yard rushing games, 32 100-yard receiving games

  • 2010: 10 100-yard rushing games, 21 100-yard receiving games

  • 2009: 13 100-yard rushing games, 19 100-yard receiving games

  • 2008: 13 100-yard rushing games, 21 100-yard receiving games

  • 2007: 13 100-yard rushing games, 23 100-yard receiving games

  • 2006: 15 100-yard rushing games, 24 100-yard receiving games

So running backs are doing what they’ve done the last five years.

Receivers, meanwhile, are averaging four more 100-yard games a week than they have in the best starting two weeks in the last five years.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider how you’re using that flex position?