Dilfer a fan of Houston play-calling

There is no AFC South representation in Trent Dilfer’s list of three play-callers who are not getting enough creditInsider. But he does find room to discuss Houston’s Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison in this Insider piece.

"It's a play-calling tandem, but Gary Kubiak and Rick Dennison have been fantastic in Houston. This is a zone-blocking team from the Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan school, and these two stay true to the run, use play-action effectively and get the tight end involved. One thing you'll notice is how they do a great job of changing the launch point for Matt Schaub. What this means is that they've taken an immobile quarterback and mixed up his drops -- you see a mixture of 3-,5- and 7-step drops along with bootlegs and half roll-outs -- so defenders can't get a consistent read on him. They also do a great job with Andre Johnson. That he gets open at all, given the target on his back, is a credit to the coaches. They also use crossing routes effectively, something of a lost art in the league."

The Texans' offense does do a great job of mixing things up snap to snap, which mean a defense generally won’t know from snap to snap where exactly Schaub will be. It’s something to behold when it’s running smoothly, and it’s been running smoothly so far this season.