Texans were woeful vs. empty backfield

NEW ORLEANS -- The Houston Texans knew what the Saints were looking to do when they emptied their backfield for much of the fourth quarter at the Superdome Sunday.

They just couldn’t stop it.

Marty Callinan and Bobby Greenhalgh of ESPN Stats and Info tracked Drew Brees’ numbers working with an empty backfield.

The Texans entered Week 3 with the league’s best pass defense with five or more defensive backs on the field. Drew Brees entered Sunday 44-of-64 with four touchdowns against nickel or dime defenses.

In a matchup of the two, Brees won by a wide margin.

The defensive backs were somewhat defensive about their performance and the Texans didn’t want to talk a lot about how the game felt a lot like last season.

“It’s a new year, nobody’s thinking about last year,” cornerback Kareem Jackson said. “It’s the third game of the season and we came up short… This don’t have anything to do with last year. They made the plays at the end and we didn’t.”

Not everyone is equipped to do to the Texans what the Saints did.

But teams that are, should.