Memo to Jack Del Rio: You're the boss

There is a line between candor and throwing a guy under the bus.

Many Jack Del Rio critics think he does too much of B, frequent passing of the blame.

I’ve often given him the benefit of the doubt for being honest and willing to talk about who’s done what wrong. In an NFL world of spin, it's refreshing to get a real assessment.

But after indicating the monsoon in Carolina dictated the Jaguars' offense taking it slow on Sunday, he turned Monday to offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter. And I don't think Del Rio was fair to his top offensive lieutenant.

Here are two key pieces of Del Rio’s Monday news conference.

"I’m not sure what caused us to be as conservative as we were. Offensively, I thought we were a little too conservative, quite frankly. I think the combination of the weather and our ability to run, them missing two linebackers and obviously Blaine’s first start may have contributed to that, but it really wasn’t the kind of look I’d like us to have. I thought we were a little too conservative and I’d like us to see us increase our aggressiveness in attacking defenses and attacking scheme and attacking personnel and going after them. We’ll discuss that as a staff, but I think that was apparent in looking at the ballgame. We did some things well. We just didn’t do enough things well to win and like I said, primarily a lot of missed opportunities, really game-changing type plays that were there to be made that we didn’t make...”

“I think we had designs to [open it up more]. Like I said, all those factors that I just laid out there -- the weather, us running it well, them missing a couple linebackers -- I think those things were all factors that played into it. But I definitely would like to see us be more aggressive, more proactive going after people.”

Here’s a newsflash for the guy in charge of the Jaguars on the field: You’ve got a headset. I’m not encouraging you to click over to your coordinators on a regular basis or becomes meddlesome. But if you tell Koetter, “Let’s open it up,” then he’ll open it up.