Hasselbeck edges Rodgers in Sunday QBR

Our Monday look at QBR shows Tennessee’s Matt Hasselbeck faring well yet again.

From ESPN Stats and Info, Hasselbeck 97.8 QBR in the Titans win against Cleveland was the single best quarterback game of the year so far.

He made big contributions when the game was close on the relatively few action plays that he was involved in -- just 21 for the entire game. In the first half, Hasselbeck went 8-for-12 for 194 yards and three touchdowns with no turnovers and no sacks, helping the Titans jump out to a 21-6 lead.

While Hasselbeck didn’t do much of anything in the second half, even throwing an interception, all those plays came with the game pretty much decided -- the Titans had a win probability over 90% for the entire second half. So overall QBR rewards Hasselbeck for making winning plays early on that put the game away, and doesn’t penalize him much for his so-so play when the game was basically out of reach.

It might seem weird that Hasselbeck’s rating is higher than that of Aaron Rodgers from Sunday (96.2), but keep in mind that Total QBR is a rate statistic that evaluates quarterbacks on a per-play basis. While Rodgers had by far more total value by virtue of his awesome efficiency over 52 action plays, Hasselbeck was slightly more efficient on a per-play basis in the plays he was involved in.

Hasselbeck’s 97.8 Total QBR on Sunday was the highest by any QB with a minimum of 15 action plays in a single game so far in this young season. Hasselbeck also owns the fifth-best QBR game of the season (92.2) from Week 2’s win against Baltimore.

Here’s a rundown of the whole league.