Texans seeking opinions on Johnson

Don’t expect a resolution on Andre Johnson’s timetable before Wednesday.

Gary Kubiak said the team would be getting multiple opinions on the receiver’s hamstring injury. Johnson will miss time, but Kubiak said it’s not yet clear what range of time.

“We’re still in an evaluation process,” Kubiak said of Johnson. “Obviously we are dealing with a hamstring, we do know that. We’re going to get a couple different opinions here over the course of the next few days. It’s hard for me to give you an answer right now. He’s going to miss some time. I don’t know if that’s three or four days. I don’t know if that’s a few weeks. I don’t know right now. Once we get a better evaluation and see how he progresses over the course of next two days, I can probably answer your questions better.”

Jacoby Jones will play in Johnson’s spot, opposite Kevin Walter. Bryant Johnson and David Anderson will be part of things as well.

Bryant Johnson becomes the third receiver, expected to be able to play two spots.

He was brought in on Aug. 29 after time with Arizona, San Francisco and Detroit. Receiver depth is not a Texans' strength, at least not until Johnson and Anderson, who was cut at the end of camp and brought back later, prove it is.

“It’s been a mental catchup thing for Bryant, but he’s come a long way, he played a little bit yesterday,” Kubiak said. “His preparation has been excellent… We’re going to find out right now how much he can help us.”

In another injury note, Kubiak said he’s hopeful running back Ben Tate, who suffered a groin strain, will be ready to return at the end of the week.