Back with Titans, Hall will challenge CJ

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Ahmard Hall is a better fullback than Quinn Johnson, so the Titans are better off for having Hall back.

He was with the team on the practice field Wednesday after serving a four-week suspension for a violation of the NFL’s policy against performance enhancers.

Hall said he took a stimulant -- he identified it Wednesday as Adderall -- to stay awake for a long drive.

I don’t believe his return to the lineup will have a huge bearing on Chris Johnson’s running. As Hall said, the run issues have been a team problem, not a one-person problem.

I do think Hall can help the league’s 32nd-ranked rushing team behind the scenes. In the running back room as they look at things, I can envision the veteran fullback stopping a play to give CJ a hard time. Something like, “Look at that crease, you’ve got to get in there” or “how come you didn’t hit it up in there and go like you used to?”

“I’m not afraid to push him,” Hall said. “I’m not afraid to challenge him. And if that’s what it takes to get him to go a little harder, or liven him up or give him a boost of confidence, I’m going to push him. If I see where the line is pushing the guys a certain way and I take a cut and he continues to go outside, I’ll say, ‘You’ve got to follow me, man. You’ve got to read that better.'"

Hall said it was excruciating watching games away from the team, that he thought Quinn Johnson played well, that he was embarrassed by the suspension, that he spent time with his three-month old daughter and that he was able to console his wife when her mother passed away and accompany her to Texas for the funeral.

The Titans are sure to activate Hall by the end of the week, which means his roster exemption will disappear and they will need to make a move. It’s hard to imagine they’d keep a second fullback, so Quinn Johnson will likely be the guy to lose out.