Titans getting clobbered by Steelers at half

PITTSBURGH -- The Titans haven’t faced a great deal of adversity since opening day, playing with effectively and with confidence in the three games since.

That’s changed this afternoon as they’ve struggled mightily against the wounded Pittsburgh Steelers. Tennessee trails 21-3 at the half.

Perhaps they found a little spark at the end of the half, as Cortland Finnegan picked off a horrible Ben Roethlisberger quick pass to the right that was too far in front of a bunch of three receivers with the Steelers in field goal range.

The Titans have been victimized by special teams and the Steelers run game.

The offense certainly has not done much, but a 52-yard kickoff return by Antonio Brown, a 33-yard pass by Daniel Sepulveda to Ryan Mundy on a fake punt and a 76-yard run by fourth-string running back Jonathan Dwyer have been the killers.

Tennessee isn’t quite dead. There have been a lot of big comebacks around the league this season.

The Titans need to stop the run and rush Roethlisberger and covert some third downs to get back in it.