On Colts' penalties, CJ's ineffectiveness

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- As has been the case all season, there are numerous ways to illustrate the struggles of the Indianapolis Colts.

Through the first half of the Colts visit to LP Field, the Titans lead 20-0.

The Colts' penalty problems and special teams’ decisions are the things that stand out the most.

Indianapolis has eight penalties worth 56 yards and a first down. It’s incredibly sloppy work by a team that has been precise for years and is anything but so far in 2011.

And Joe Lefeged keeps bringing kickoffs out of the end zone despite the fact that he’s not threatening the 20-yard line. I guess coaches figure there could be an accidental home run at any time and they need it. But it seems they leave yardage on the field at the start of all these drives as if they don’t need it. That’s often the case when Peyton Manning is running the offense. It’s a different story with Curtis Painter.

Meanwhile, Tennessee’s big question is getting a bad answer. A good running back and a good running team has to be able to run on the Colts. And the Titans have 33 rushing yards compared to Indy’s 51, and Chris Johnson has just 14 yards on eight attempts.

No matter the size of the likely blowout, the Titans will move forward with the one, giant, lingering question if Johnson doesn’t have a big second half.