Why I am such an incredible hater

Here are two items from my mailbag today.

Jordan from Crosby, Texans writes: "Please Paul can you please tell me why it seems you have so much hatred towards the Texans...It seems like every story you are dogging someone on the team...Duane Brown is not a dirty player and he is a very class act in our league you had no right to put him down like that..."

"Everyone, from Everywhere" writes: "You constantly bash the Texans for no apparent reason and it pisses everyone off. If you're going to be the AFC South writer then act like you're a fan of all 4 teams. Your article about Duane Brown was ridiculous. Why do you choose to write nonsense like this?"

Paul Kuharsky: Please go ahead and cite all these examples of my hatred.

I didn’t throw a punch, Duane Brown did. I commented on it.

I also recently commented on several other issues.

When people ran with the idea that Kevin Walter was out of line in comments about Cortland Finnegan, the AFC South blog defended Walter.

Quick links to some other incredibly negative Texans posts recently:

In that Texans-Titans column I wrote:

For the Texans to be this much better than the Titans in Nashville makes them the clear-cut favorite to win the AFC South, even if safety Danieal Manning's left leg injury is serious.

The Texans have a favorable schedule ahead. They will get Andre Johnson, one of the game’s top wide receivers, back from a hamstring injury that’s been holding him out. They have as good a one-two punch at running back as anyone in the NFL. They have a consistently disruptive defensive front working hand-in-hand with an improving secondary.

Maybe you guys are right. I really shouldn't slam them like that.

My lack of a complete investment in the Texans is hardly unreasonable. They have, after all, a history of not finishing what they start. At 5-3, they are not yet worthy of cartwheels or a parade. Still, while I have reasons to doubt, I think they are vastly improved and will win the division.

That’s far different than hating said them, don't you think?

At least one reader interprets my feeling for the Texans in a completely different way.

Mark in Richmond, Va., writes: "Is there a particular reason that you seem to dislike the Jaguars? Every article over the last couple of weeks that has anything to do with the Jaguars you down them. Not the Colts who are the worst team in the NFL, not the Titans who are not as good as the Jaguars (see Week 1). Not the Texans who are a good team but they have dropped off every single year in thier history. But NO, you love them. I'm not going to sit here and say you should praise the Jaguars. As a Ravens fan I have seen them play these teams and the one I was most impressed with was the Jaguars.""

Paul Kuharsky: Honest, folks, I dislike them all equally.