Lingering questions for Week 9

Lingering questions as we head towards our three games on Sunday…

The Texans are big favorites Sunday against the Browns, and could be facing a feature running back they let go earlier this season in Chris Ogbonnaya. Can they put the clamps on him and meet expectations against a team that’s already lost to Tennessee and beaten the Colts? It shouldn’t be much of a question, but every game we say that about around the league each week turns out upside down. Look no further than the Rams surprise of the Saints last week.

Can Titans tight end Craig Stevens help get Chris Johnson and the run game going? My expectations are low for the Titans run game against Cincinnati. But Tennessee regards Stevens as maybe the best blocking tight end in football. He has been dealing with a painful rib injury that’s made him a non-factor and sidelined him last week. Feeling better and back in the lineup, might he help make a difference against the Bengals big, strong front?

What’s left to ask about the Colts? Not a lot, sorry.