Titans, CJ enjoy productive first half

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- There is still some indecision, there are still some missed blocks.

But overall, in building a 17-7 lead in an impressive half against the Bengals, the Titans have done better in both areas.

Chris Johnson has nine carries for 55 yards and has actually gotten around the corner a couple times. As the half expired I quickly found a friend who’s got a better sense of scheme and Xs and Os.

He confirmed what I was thinking. There is not much different going on other than a better mindset and an offense that’s getting off the ball quicker and with more determination on successful plays.

Can the Titans sustain it for another 30 minutes after Cincinnati makes halftime adjustments? If the defense can keep the wraps on the Bengals the way it did in the first half, the offense won’t need to do as much.

But the group sure would love it if Johnson could double his production en route to a win.