Columnist likes Texans in short yardage

Interesting lead to Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column today. It’s about how trying to power it up the middle in short-yardage situations is no longer the way to go in the NFL.

After citing several failed plays, he turns to the Texans.

“Now the counterexample. Leading Cleveland 14-0, the Houston Texans faced third-and-1. They lined up in a power set with an extra tight end, and the extra tight end went in motion left. In today's football this almost always means the power run will go left. Instead undrafted Arian Foster ran right, behind a tremendous block by the undrafted Mike Brisiel. Nineteen-yard touchdown, and the Texans never looked back.”

“NFL offensive coordinators -- this week, put a moratorium on drawing up five-wide sets, and work on creative plays for short-yardage downs. Don't just run straight ahead. Do a Little Dance If You Want to Gain That Yard.”

The Texans’ offensive construction and thinking routinely gets praised in pieces like this. It’s always interesting to see Gary Kubiak’s stuff compared and contrasted with that of the rest of the league.